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Database Services

  • Database design, implementation, administration, and management
  • Data cleansing, backup, migration, etc.
  • Database Management Systems (DBMS) - PostGreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server - Services.
  • SQL and PL/pgSQL coding

Internet Services

  • Internet, firewall, switches, wi-fi Access Points setup, and configuration.
  • Hardware (servers, switches, desktops, etc.) purchase consultation
  • Web hosting setup, administration, configuration
  • Webserver administration, and management

Web Services

  • Drupal, Wordpress, Liferay Services.
  • Web coding, design, and hosting.
  • Data integration, data migration, web transfer, etc. services.
  • HTTP (webserver), FTP, Email Server, DHCP, DNS, etc. setup, and configuration

Systems Services

  • Windows and LinuX Servers, Widows OS (v7, 10), Mac OS X
  • Systems setup, administration, management
  • Systems coding - PowerShell (Windows), Python (LinuX) - for system automation and integration.


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Featured frameworks

LinuX OS MySQL DBMS Liferay Apache HTTP Server GCC PostGreSQL DBMS Drupal